• Dental Anxiety: Overcoming your Fears

  • Family Dentist Vernon Hills dentistAre you one of the 22 million dental patients in America who fear going to the dentist? It is common to be scared about the unknown and normal to feel anxious about an undiagnosed problem.  Most people who fear the dentist have similar reactions of anxiety when they get sick. As a Vernon Hills dentist office, we are dedicated to providing the best, pain-free dental experience in town. Here are just a few ways we can work together to make your next appointment enjoyable.


    Bring your favorite tunes

    Sometimes the noises of a dental office are the biggest problem. Queue up your favorite playlist of relaxing music to drown out office sounds.  If soothing songs aren’t right for you, a little heavy metal rock always works, too.


    Write down your feelings and fears

    Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment knowing you forgot to ask about something?  Studies have shown that writing out your questions, fears, and feelings make it easier to stay organized and in control.  The same is true with our Vernon Hills dentist and staff.  Write down your fears and why you need to see the dentist.  This way, we can talk through what might be causing your anxiety and work together to find a solution to overcome it.  Whether you need a 6 month dental examination or a restorative dentistry service, writing down your questions and thoughts is the best place to start.


    Schedule a morning appointment

    Morning visits to our Vernon Hills dentist are best when you feel anxious about your appointment.  Have a calm evening the night before, and get plenty of rest.  You’ll wake up refreshed and energized; ready to face your fears.  Additionally, the morning schedule means you’ll have less time during the day to dwell on your thoughts.


    Ask about dental sedation

    Our Vernon Hills dentist office does all we can to create a pain-free dental experience.  Numbing agents applied topically eliminate needle pain.  Nitrous oxide, local anesthetics, and other oral medications are just a few of the other ways we are able to ease your fears.  Before we begin the appointment, we’ll discuss with you what procedure you are having as well as how we can make you as comfortable as possible.


    Employ relaxation techniques

    Practice controlled breathing at home and again during your appointment; a deep breath in, letting it out slowly.  This helps slow your heart rate and relaxes your muscles.  The tension you may feel will disappear and aid in your comfort.


    Go virtual

    If you have access to a virtual reality device, bring it along to your Vernon Hills dentist appointment.  Utilizing the ability to focus your mind on something else reduces anxiety issues and even makes the time in our chairs speed by.


    We want your dental experience to be great.  For over 25 years we’ve cared for patients such as you and worked diligently to help them overcome their fears.  This dedication helps our patients come back time and again for regular dental cleanings, thus having avoided restorative dental procedures caused by tooth decay and oral health neglect.  Learn more about our services on our Facebook page.  We look forward to seeing you soon.